Digital Inspection and Issue Reports

Throughout Your Lease

Everything on Record.  No questions.

Use Clean Tenants to document and share new issues with your rental.

Clean Tenants Report Preview

CTi Report

We generate a property inspection report downloadable as a PDF and stored on a secure server. The report includes photos, notes, and property condition alerts.

Desktop and Mobile App

Access Clean Tenants on any device for on-the-go inspections. Your cleaners can access the Clean Tenants reporting system to:

  • Add inspection notes
  • Fill out property report
  • Upload relevant photos

Download for $.99 and Start Protecting Your Investment.

Basic Reporting Package: (1) Move In, (1) Move Out and up to (3) Issue Reports per property, per year.  

Every Plan Includes
  • Unlimited secure storage of all YOUR reports, notes, photos, and property condition*
  • Immediately note and record new property issues
  • Document the conditon of your rental at the time of move-in
  • Document the condition of your rental at move-out too

For Your Peace of Mind

  • Multi-lingual online inspection form and website application (with translation)
  • 24hr unlimited use of the online Clean Tenants  Move In/Out and Inspection Forms
  • 24/7/365 easy to use app with instructions included
  • Client care service help line
  • Personalized for each property 

Simple Features.  Extensive Protection.


Personalized Move-In and Move-Out Forms


Trusted documentation throughout your lease

Balance the Tables with Clean Tenants

Our son rented a house this semester with 3 friends and the owner asked for a $6000 security deposit.  We paid for his portion but worried about losing all of it.  We used the Clean Tenants app to document the conditon of the house when he moved in. I sent it to my son, the other parents and the rental agent.  

F. William Reynolds

Parent of Arizona college student

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